almost every morning there is a ritual that i perform in front of my coffee shrine. when i wake up and thirst for caffeine, i switch on my Dalla Corte Mini espresso machine. after about 2 minutes, the brew group is ready. i grind some coffee to purge old ground that resides in my Anfim Best grinder. i dose this old ground into the 54 mm portafilter and run couple of shots to heat up the portafilter, solenoid valve, and shower screen to a proper temperature. after 5 minutes, the steam boiler is also ready.

then i brew a double ristretto shot, roughly around 15 grams of my “caffe crema” blend (3/4 double washed thai arabica, and 1/4 of washed thai robusta, handsorted, full city roast). i found that the best temperature is around 95 degree celcius. the cup is smooth, slight acidity, bittersweet, warm spice, nutty, and red-brown crema. i find that it’s pretty balance and clean. i give it 7 out of 10. when i have more african coffees, i’ll blend them to improve the aroma and high notes.

so this is the baseline for any comparison i’ll enjoy in the next posts.


hello world!

Welcome to my blog. My vocation is espresso development, especially in this part of the globe where espresso is new, misunderstood, and unpalatable.

I am a micro roaster. I roast on a 4kg, locally made by my uncle. I am a green bean buyer. I source out the best Thai arabica and robusta coffee from Northern Thailand.

I am also an espresso machine distributor. The brand is “Dalla Corte”. In my understanding, it is the only machine that allows flexibility and reliability in adjusting various espresso brewing parameters. I learn a lot from this machine.

I am also an espresso trainer. I have developed two classes: beginner class is for beginner; advance class is focus on espresso alone. I also offer tailor-made classes to match individual’s specific need.

I will post my observation about espresso in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. I will make some café review, especially hot drinks, by compare them to my homemade ones.

homemade espresso